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Welcome @ Silent Music.

On this website you can listen to samples from the music I received since 1991 - inspired by a
Near-Death-Experience (N.D.E.) in 1981.

Pictures of the paintings about the same experience
you can find at Kleuren van Licht; this title means "Colors of Light".

On the page About my NDE you can read more about the origin of music and paintings.

Rob Schlebaum.

I am happy to present a new choice out of "Silent Music" about every month on www.heavenradio.nl.


To listen to the samples click on a CD-box or a link on the left. The time it takes to open the page is dependent on the speed of your internet-connection.

Silent Music 5  Silent Music 6  Silent Music 7  Silent Music 8  Silent Music 9  Silent Music 10  Songs from Eternity 

You can order the CD's through e-mail on the page contact.
Rob Schlebaum, 2014