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Silent Music

During 2005 and 2006 I was able to finish some pieces that sometimes were started much earlier.
The nature of this music is still more personal and more profound to me, until now I did not publish
any of it; but now it seems to me that the time to share these pieces too has come.
If this music resounds with you, I will gladly make one or two CD's.

Heaven seemed to be very far away, my longing for it was very strong;
gradually I was reconnected to "All-that-is".
In this piece the heavenly message has to come through a rather thick "veil".
Prayer wheel.
This cradle-song tells about parents having to let go of their very young child; the second part shows this little child in the "Summerland".
In this part there is a constant alternation between the pain caused by holding on to old grief and the relief of letting go.
Started in 1991; the continuous repeating makes this piece to a mantra that helps to relieve all pain; it was one of the first pieces of music I received.

Click here for the samples from the music gathered in 2006.
Rob Schlebaum, 2014